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Will Forex markets ever go back to a profitable, tradable condition? Here is my take…

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

Crypto Catcher here and I want to talk today about the Forex markets and do I believe they are ever going to be in a profitable trading condition again. My answer for that is no. I do not think so. If you look at the picture that is posted with this chat your going to see that the last time that the U.S. Dollar fell like this, it was 6 years before the trend finally ended. Now remember that back then there was no cryptos in play. Not to long ago the crypto markets were at 2.2 trillion market cap. With that being said that means that this money came from somewhere right? Where do you think that this money came from?…. Yep, you guessed it. It came from stock holders and also the forex market traders. See the forex markets are so full of manipulation that people are getting tired of losing all the time. It’s a lose, lose situation in those markets. Are there profitable traders in the Forex markets? Yes but they are far and few. If you watch most the people right now that are trading those markets they are trading indices, metals and cryptos. Hard to be profitable when your only getting 50 pips a day movement.

See, my theory is that we are watching the actual death of the dollar and all other fiat currencies for that matter. People are tired of losing their hard earned money, paying unnecessary fees and being screwed whether through losses or people offering outrageous ROI’s (Rate of investments). See if someone comes along and is offering you a ROI that promises returns in 24 hours, 36 hours or even 48 hours then you need to check yourself because more than likely it’s a scam. They are everywhere.

Now we are seeing governments and central banks starting to join to crypto each day which means that even they realize that we are not going to be seeing the value of the fiats increase. But instead see the use of them fade. If institution and banks are buying cryptos they are doing it so that way they own the majority and we still have to go through them to use them. They want to in every way make sure they don’t have a flock of millionaires. If you believe that people want everyone to be rich then please think again. The rich need the lower class to help fill their pockets. We need to be prepared to venture over to cryptos and leave behind the forex in the meantime until we start to see movement and then when our cryptos hit it will be a lot easier to play in forex as well as stocks.

So as you can see I really don’t believe that these markets will ever recover but instead feel that they could get worst with the very least being that this is the new normal for them. Only time will tell but I just don’t want to see others spend valuable time learning the forex only just for it to be a waste of time in 3 or 4 years from now. It’s going to be very bumpy and very curvy from these days forward. I’m just trying to broaden your horizon before that day comes.

Now please before I wrap this up, take note that I believe these markets are hard right now for manual trading but if you find an expert advisor that is profitable and can withstand these markets then I think that it’s best to allow the bots to do the work so your not stressing yourself out and losing everything from immature thinking. We here at FX Warlord provided bots for every trader but can also recommend some other bots depending on your styles.

Again these are my opinions. In no way am I giving out financial or legal advice but my opinion of what’s happening. We are not responsible for losses or gains you may incur through reading anything on our blog. I hope for prosperity and peace for you all.


Until next time…

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