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What changes are coming and what can you expect from Market Warlords!

Today we going to talk about the big changes that we will be seeing with Market Warlords (formally FX Warlord) and somewhat some explanations of how we come to this conclusion. So first thing we are going to talk about is the name change and why we came up with that idea.

So as time goes by we see that Forex is taking a hit from the crypto boom and to be honest, I’m a strong advocate for crypto. I can’t continue to advertise and promote Forex when I do believe that fiat (paper) currencies are coming to an end. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but they are failing and it’s because our monetary system is regulated and kept at bay with government systems trying to maintain that power over is residents. No more. We are about to see a flood of money and wealth unlike anything in the history of the world. With this being said, if I truly believe that we are losing the fiat currencies then why would I continue to promote a market that very well could not be here in a few years. As I get older and older and time seems to go quicker and quicker, I don’t want to waste time. I don’t want to go another 2 or 3 years of studying these markets just to be told in 3 years that it was a waste of my time. Forex is not moving right now and as long as the dollar continues to look weak then we are not going to see any real movement in the markets. The last time that the U.S. dollar saw this kind of weakness, it was down for 6 years. 6 years and cryptos weren’t at play yet back then. They were still just a conversation with 95% of those people being skeptics because it’s something that many can’t comprehend nor that many don’t believe will stay around. Cryptos are here to stay. Even most traders that I know or associate with have went to trading cryptos or indices in Forex because we are seeing 50-70+ pip moves in a day. Just to hit a profit or any kind of money we have to stay in trades for days at a time. And unlike myself, most people will sit there and look at the screens all day, everyday, waiting for that move. I say NO WAY. I refuse to sit here and watch these screens in hope of making a profits when I know that I can be doing something more productive for myself and my future. Simple as that. This is why I made Magnetix. The world hasn’t even see what Magnetix can do except for the small reach that we’ve made out to the world. I can go and check my trades everyday or even twice a week if I choose and take my profits and go about my day. It’s really that easy and it trades any pair, any time frame and any type of market condition. That’s what I wanted to begin with. Profitable bot with at least 80% accuracy. Magnetix is yet to drop below 85% accuracy and in over 2 months it has netted $13k+. That’s fair enough for me especially since i haven’t had to sit and babysit anything. I am learning and profiting at the same time. Why am I going to continue to teach people and move them over to cryptos while still trying to succeed at the Forex markets (well the fiat part of it at least)? I’m not. I’m going to let Magnetix do what it does and migrate over to something that I believe will be more profitable than anything that anybody has ever witnessed in the history of mankind. If and when Forex markets ever return back to normal then I will begin to focus my time back on them. By that time I should have some programming down myself and also be more aware of my mental state to be better equipped to trade the markets manually. I will still be promoting our bots, will get Magnetix onto tradingview and will continue to show others that we do not need anything else to succeed in these markets. Only time will tell.

With this being said, we have decided that FX Warlord was just limiting us to Forex markets and we are going to be so much more than that. So we’ve decided to broaden the name so that others would not just see FX and assume that’s all we do. Hence why Market Warlords was born. This allows us to not only cover Forex but cryptos and also stocks. I’m big into stocks but let’s be truthful here, you got to have some money to be able to really make any kind of real affect with stocks. This is why I left them to come to Forex. Within Market Warlords we will have sub companies or dba’s if you will. FX Warlord, Stock Warlord and Crypto Warlord will all be smaller businesses inside our Market Warlords name, helping us to be able to reach more people and customers. So you will see, if you haven’t already, the name change as well as the emblem.

Third thing that I believe we need to bring up is the chat groups. If you guys don’t know then you’ll know now but I myself am attending graphic design courses, learning 3 new languages, working on self development, motivational speaker, becoming accredited life coach (as well as others), public speaking and youtube courses. Than after all that I also am learning to become a programmer. As I keep going through life and these courses I’m starting to learn more about people and myself. Telegram has become bad. Seems the more popular you become in there the more and more of these scammers that continue to hit me up. It’s exhausting because like you, I’m human and they sometimes almost reel me in with their lies and deceit. I have to do what’s best for me and our company. I can’t try and invite people who have no clue about any of this to where they can possibly get lured in and then blame Market Warlords for the scams. We need to protect the people we are trying to help. So we will be moving over to slack mostly. Seems I am definitely liking slack and the professionalism that it brings. It’s invite only plus my subscription channel can be added right to the server so it’s all and all the best move I think. If your wanting these then please feel free to message me but spamming or promoting scams will not be tolerated. Automatic ban without question. So if you do follow us then please do on discord and slack as well for I myself will become less active in the coming days in telegram but I do believe the programmer will still be there to help anyone who can’t or don’t want to migrate. That’s your choice but this is the steps I myself am making in the near future.

Alright, Alright, Alright. So what is it that you can expect from Market Warlords? What are our goals and dreams for this company? My first and foremost is Magnetix. Magnetix is and will always be #1 priority because it’s so successful and continues to show over and over and over again that it’s profitable. With the markets not doing a whole lot lately we are going to continue to promote it but also expand into our other goals as well. We have a very, very amazing idea for NFT’s coming soon, hoping to open our own NFT marketplace and of course go into making a crypto in the future. How fast will these all go depends on the successful recruiting of a team. I have been attending this group that is all about the blockchain from lately and really met some interesting people. Finding that they have the same goals and dreams as I do is really helping to build the team that I feel is necessary for big success. I am going to have a couple more meetings but I am thinking that a crypto creation is on the horizon so I do believe it will pay to follow us as well as stay connected. Big things are coming. Our plan is to take Market Warlords worldwide and to provide merchandise as well to help. Long term goal is to hopefully be able to also open a prop firm to help those who want to trade cryptos and what not to be able to do that as well but again that will be dependent upon the future of Forex or if it will even be feasible. Last thing I want to make mention is that we will be starting a subscription service. It won’t cost your life but it will be where you can go on and get daily updates as to what is happening in all the markets and what I myself or our programmer is looking at. It will be slack and it will be up here in the next few days.

Well there you have it. I believe I’ve covered everything that needed to be covered and hope that we continue this journey together. I truly appreciate all of you who have and will support us. Let’s all know the goal and the destination. We love you guys and we thank you for your time. We will be revamping the website, hopefully in near future we will have an affiliate program and we really should be able to take off as the next bull run happens.

As always I wish you peace and prosperity.

Until next time,

Crypto Catcher

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