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BUY the dips…don’t sell them!

As we begin to see the markets being more and more manipulated from what other famous or wealthy people do or say. We must realize that it’s all a game of buy low and sell high. It is not, let me repeat that, IT IS NOT, buy high and sell low as I see many people doing. Unless of course we are doing futures or forex but that’s not for this post. We must first learn that this is what the markets do not only in forex but also in stocks, metals, cryptos and anything else that profits from our emotions. See as more and more younger and less experienced investors come into the markets we see the 2 main emotions start to take shape and be used to make our decisions. What are these 2 emotions that the markets thrive off of? It’s actually quite simple… What are the 2 emotions that could cause a trader or investor to make irrational decisions possibly costing them a few dollars or even their life savings? Did you guess them right? Greed and fear.

Greed to me is the absolute worst enemy of any trader or investor and pretty much probably in life period. It causes wars, it causes turmoil and it causes a whole heep of problems that I don’t want to get into right now. Greed will cause people to look past the point that they could possibly be in profit but they want more. Good example to me would be the whole doge coin incident that happened last week, liquidating over $280 million dollars. This right here was peoples money and instead of listening to themselves or allowing their greed, most people held on to it as we saw it hit $0.70. Instead of saying “Hey, this is nice profit. This coin has no real use and is only really brought up because of the big names that hold it. I think I will take my profits and move onto a more suitable project that can gain me more then DOGE will ever be able to.” Greed caused people to think, it will hit a $1 and I will get out. What did we see happen? We saw it rise to about $0.70 cents right around the time Elon Musk went onto SNL for his special appearance. As he’s on the stage he talks about how DOGE was a hustle……..BAM, within minutes DOGE fell like a turd falling from a giraffe. Only seen a few cryptos since I’ve been in the market to fall that fast and XRP is one of them known for these kind of dumps. So now what? Well people lost rent, loans, borrowed money and whatever else they did to get that money. $280 million dollars worth all because they were greedy and thought they could get more.

There is nothing wrong with staying into a coin for the long run but do it with a coin that has a purpose and that’s not being pushed by big names. They only doing that to pump it and dump it. After seeing this happen I was able to read that Elon has been fined by the SEC a couple times for these antics and he also had to pay $40 million in fees not to long ago. it’s a dangerous game he is playing but because he’s rich, he’ll get away with it but we could possibly see another McAfee incident. Serious prison time is possible for these kind of things. Steer clear. Our governments are waiting for the right time to eliminated all our gains. If you don’t think so, your a dummy. No pun intended. These people don’t want us to win. If everybody was to win and keep their profits then the exchanges would go broke. Simple as that. You have to know when it’s time to take profits and remove yourself from that project totally. Now we have millions of dollars liquidated and people are still in DOGE thinking that it’s going to go back up. We seen how dangerous this coin is and it’s thriving off of greed and fear.

Fear the second most dangerous emotion that we can have. It literally causes you to make the most moronic decisions that I’ve seen people make in my lifetime. Trust me, I’ve been around the block a few times for my age. I see the world for what it is, not for what it’s told to be. 95% of our population are sheep. They follow the masses because they are told to. Programmed to the everyday government propaganda. FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out” is an absolute nightmare. It causes people to jump into trades way to early or way to late. “Oh, I think this is going up another 30 cents so I’m going to jump in!” Only to watch the markets turn around. Or you jump in early thinking that your gonna miss out only to not do proper research and invest into a scam or a project that has no chance to make it. It causes us to buy before the dips only to see a dip and then sell it because we fear that it won’t come back up. Fear will also have you take a loss and then be afraid to re-enter because you lost. As I have said many times before and will continue to say this everyday. Get back in there. See if you properly study your investments and understand where they are going then it never really matters where you get in because your looking down the line. When I invest, I look at least 3-5 years down the line. You must. If you don’t think this project would last this long or be profitable then why would you put your money into it. I know that I won’t. Remember the difference between traders/investors and gamblers is that gamblers don’t go into the casino knowing what they are doing or having a plan. Traders and/or investors are the ones who study their investments and understand their roadmap to success. Fear is very strong and it’s really what causes the liquidity in these markets because people are exiting and entering all the time only to withdrawal the trade they just took. We must learn to be calm and collective. This is why I use the bots in the metatrader 4 software because the bots don’t care about fluctuations the way we do. The bot doesn’t sit and contemplate what it’s going to do. It does what we tell it to and follows that logic. I trade stocks, cryptos, indices and equities all with my bot and it’s doing really well. Magnetix has more pips this year than I’ve seen entire companies have in years of trading.

This industry is really all about discipline and equity management. Once I learned that, I started to become a better trader/investor because I wasn’t making these stupid decisions. Do I still make bad decisions influenced by greed and fear? Of course. I’m human as well but the losses are way minimal compared to what they were a year ago. The sooner you learn this, the better your going to become not only at trading but in life as well. If you take anything from what I’m saying please remember this. Your not a loser until you take a loss. Good thing is that most stocks, forex and cryptos are going to do 3 things; Buy, Sell and consolidate. So if your practicing proper equity management, plus your research has shown that your investments will make it then you must trust this and allow time. This is not a get rich quick scheme at all and those who come to it with this mind frame will not last long in these markets. I’ve seen many come and go since my arrival and they continue to lose everything each and ever day because they allow their emotions to take control.  Of course you want to buy the dips and sell the rallies but if your looking 3-5 years then where you get in is not all that important. Of course we want to buy at a lower price or sell at a higher price but that doesn’t matter much in investing, more for the traders especially in the forex markets. Remember these brokers and exchanges are not for us, they are there to help the people lose their money so they can fill and outline their own pockets. Isn’t that the goal? Not just for them but also for us. We are here to line our pockets, feed out families and enjoy the times we have left on this earth. But you must understand that it’s a battle and without any proper strategy we will fall just like Custer did. He never planned or thought about his action and in the end, it bit him in the rear. Don’t be Custer.

In closing, I just want to say that your never a loser unless you sell at a loss. Your never a winner unless you sell for a profit. I know I do not want to be the loser. You have to trust YOUR analysis, not other peoples. Would you let some stranger lead you down a road that you never been down? Would you allow some random dude to walk up to you and give you directions about what to do with your life or your money? I bet not!!! So why would you do it now? Especially over the internet when we don’t really know whose behind those screens. You may talk to them, you may spend 8 hours a day with them but if you don’t know them personally then you don’t know them at all. If you’ve never met them, you don’t know them! Make sure your understanding these people and projects before putting in your hard earned money. And don’t let fear and greed control you. This is 90% emotions and 10% skill. Also remember that with every 1 dedicated follower you have, you will have 10 haters. They are there but don’t let them get to your emotions. We need haters because they are what motivates us to be better. Anyways, remember to be patient and wait for the dips. Buy low, sell high or in forex you may also sell high and buy low. Make your research a priority or at least follow someone who seems to have done a good job of research. I spend hours a day, days a week trying to find and research the best projects. Do I know or find them all. Nope. But i feel the ones I have are the best cost right now for the amount of potential they have.

As always I wish for your peace and prosperity. I’m always willing to help and teach others. Don’t be afraid to ask. Remember you are what you think. Be positive and positive things will come whether they are possessions or knowledge.


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