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There is nothing like it…..Magnetix is the king!!!

Today, we are going to discuss the one and only Magnetix. When I first thought of having this bot made it was only a figment of my imagination until I was then able to meet Frank. Now although I’m the one that’s in the trenches and the one that everyone knows and see’s. We have to give the credit where credit is due and that is to our programmer Frank. I can dream up the bots everyday and all day but to actually have them work the way I want is only through the programming ability of our one and only Frank. He deserves the credit because he is the one who has made my idea of a bot, a reality. When I was first coming up with this bot I was watching a good percentage of people who were losing their life savings, their retirements and their incomes. People had been working their whole lives just to get this money and these companies and so called schools were taking that away. They don’t care about your success, just as a car sales representative doesn’t care about the car the minute it leaves the parking lot. Once they set the hook the only way to be released is with your purchase and their goal is to get you to buy something. Sometimes these people were spending $50k for all the bots this one particular place had but the problem is that they weren’t winning with these bots. The promises, lies and deception of being able to make money is how these places work.

It really caused me to feel the pain of the other traders because even with myself, these bots were not very successful if at all. But we were told and persuaded that these are the best thing created in the markets. Even to this day with the many of them that I still have access to, not one of them is what I would label a successful bot. With all this be said, Magnetix was born. Never did I think or plan for this bot to be as successful as it is but as long as your practicing proper equity management then you don’t ever have to take a loss with this bot but instead go about your day and take your profits not only to help you make the amount of money that you want to make but also to build up your margin levels. As testing and running it began to become more and more I started to see a flood of pips like no other. With 2020 closing I would come to see how Magnetix would have right around 80,000 pips. Yes, that’s right. Those numbers are not falsified and I did not accidentally type in an extra 0. 80,000 pips for last year is more than most institutions will make in a year and even teachers that I know who track their sessions didn’t come close to this at all. Why is that you ask? Well let’s dive into how it works and then you can see for yourself.

So I noticed that as the markets move especially during news announcements, major events and whatever else might cause it, will create these discrepancies. While it does this some of these may be 2 pips wide and some may be 1000 pips wide depending on the pair that your setting up. Once these are formed they begin to try and suck the market back up to them until they are touched or closed out completely. The bigger they are, the faster and the stronger these magnets will be towards bringing the market back to them. You will have the touch which is the part that is closer to the candlesticks then you will have the close of the magnet that is farthest away from the candles. This is for both bearish and bullish magnets. Most of the time the magnet will be touched but not necessarily closed out leaving it to be closed out at a later time. I truly do believe that the market makers see these discrepancies and it is what gives them a sense of direction at times because they have to even out the markets and fix these through time.

This bot is created to be able to help you gain pips regardless of what pair, what time frame and/or what market conditions we are in. Of course if we ranging it’s going to be little longer before they are touched or closed but as we see trends is when they will fill faster but also stack trades as the market moves away from the magnet. This is a very important feature and really is what anybody needs to know is when most people are sitting here and they are like man that drawdown is high. Yeah but remember as the markets are going into drawdown on your pair it is stacking trades. With the leveling feature that I have added to the bot it will pull the break even bar down with it causing it to be more in profit shortly after turning back to the magnet. So your in profit faster and way longer. Of course the leveling feature will require a nicer sized account but the rewards are not only worth it but also a bit more profitable than if you just use the same lot size. Yes, the break even bar will follow your stacking trades with the same lot size it just won’t follow it as fast or as far so of course you will be in profit a lot faster, just not as fast as with the leveling feature.

The reason this bot is so fascinating is because you just come back once a day or maybe even 3 times a week and take your profits (it will put you back into the trade as soon as you do that until you hit your destination.) No more sitting there for hours, no more sweaty palms and hands and no more stress. You must understand that this bot is never against you if your using it right. Your stacking trades as it moves away from you then your hitting profit when it comes back to you. Also another fascinating this is what can the market makers do? Nothing. No stop loss, no clear picture of where we are going because even though they can see our trades spots they don’t see the indicator that we are using. With absolutely no stop loss their is no way to take us out of the market. All they can do is move the market away from us farther but remember these guys have limitations as well and they can’t move the market so far away, they have to maintain a certain point otherwise they could crumble economies.

As we are starting to see the success of the owners of these bots the hype around them will continue to grow. We got one trader who brought his $200 account to $2300 in under 24 hours. 2 other traders have put their accounts up 400% just since they purchased the bot. They couldn’t even be profitable at all in these market until Magnetix came into their life. At the time of typing in this blog Magnetix is at 196,346.7 pips. Magnetix is 3,653.3 pips away from hitting 200,000 pips just in 2021 alone. Yes, that again is right and I keep all of these on where I can show people for themselves and they can see the numbers can’t be manipulated in anyways. Most of the time I would say Magnetix is 85% or more accurate but there are brokers that are trying to mess with the numbers or trades to eliminate the success. Yes brokers will do that. Remember the brokers are in agreement with the banks and those who run these markets. This is all made for us to lose, not win. We run trace files to be able to track where the little bugs and fixes are needed but as we do that we see that it’s the brokers, hence why it’s very important to use regulated brokers to protect your equity.

As an owner of about 1000 of the bots that are in these markets and the tester of some like 500 of them. I’ve come to see that there is not one that is able to make any where near the amount of pips that Magnetix does and most are limited to certain market conditions or pairs or timeframes. Magnetix will work on any timeframe, any pair (stocks, cryptos, forex, metals, indices), on any market condition. It is not limited and has been thoroughly tested over and over and over again. Since deploying in real time it has made almost 280,000 pips in a little over a year or actually right around a year. As this bot shows more and more success people will begin to notice it but they need to be careful because once this bot is shown it’s true and almighty powers, IT WILL NOT be selling as cheap as it is right now for I know what it’s capable of and what it can do but I need others to be able to prove as well hence why it’s on a limited sale. Soon I will pull that sale and everybody who missed out will be paying a more reasonable amount for a bot that is destined to hit 350,000 pips which is my goal for this bot, this year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because it’s not going to last forever.


As always. Be safe, be courteous and be profitable. Until next time.


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Remember if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Proper equity management, discipline and mental psychology play key roles in this business and must be understood before you’ll ever see true gains.

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