Forex Warlord

How we Started

In late 2019 Frank started his trading journey taking courses at Market Traders Institute. He continued his training during 2020 with organizations like Trading With Raynor, 2ndSkies, Maverick FX and Trading Strategy Guides. In May of 2020 Frank started writing his own EA’s and Indicators on MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In the fall of 2020 Frank decided to work on starting a business to market EA’s and Indicators to the public. Frank worked with Christopher McManus and together they started Forex Warlord. In June 2020 they rebranded to Market Warlords to add resources for Blockchain and Stocks. In the summer of 2023 Christopher stepped away from the company and Frank decided to rebrand back to Forex Warlord and concentrate on adding a stronger training component to Forex Warlord. He spent the next few months working on training presentations and updating the website.

Frank McCallister

With over 50 years of programming Frank has seen the evolution of technology and stayed focused on keeping his programming up to date. Former military vet and presently a forex trader as well. As the programmer and the designer of the trading strategies that we offer here at Market Warlords, Frank spends quality time writing his code and puts the expert advisors through a rigorous 3-year testing cycle. Each expert advisor you receive here has been through various stages of testing to come out with the versions we have now.  As an accomplished trading strategy developer, Frank is willing to design and back test your strategies as well, for a negotiable fair price. Please follow him at our telegram group as well as any of these social media links.

Our Testimonials

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