Market Warlords

How we Started

In late 2018 Christopher was mastering an expert advisor called pockets while attending a very costly school when he decided to create a room for the students to be able to talk and communicate together. Frank was also attending this school and noticed that Christopher was wanting to have a robot built around his strategy and wouldn’t you know it, the idea for MagnetixFX came to light. Frank had already been working on other automations and indicators at the time when the 2 of them, both Christopher & Frank, decided to create Market Warlords (formally FX Warlord). Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and we saw the exposure of blockchain technology. With that plus our other knowledge and resources in stocks we decided in mid 2020 to change the name to Market Warlords so that we were expansive into more than just one of the markets because soon even the Forex market will be on digital currencies not fiat.

Frank McCallister

Founder/Programmer/Trader & Investor
U.S. Army-Programmer 1973
Computer Science, A.A. 1980

With over 45 years of programming this man has seen the evolution of technology and stayed focused on keeping his programming up to date. Former military vet and presently a forex trader as well. As the programmer and the designer of the trading strategies that we offer here at Market Warlords, Frank spends quality time writing his code and puts the expert advisors through a rigorous 3-year testing cycle. Each expert advisor you receive here has been through various stages of testing to come out with the versions we have now.  As an accomplished trading strategy developer, Frank is willing to design and back test your strategies as well, for a negotiable fair price. Please follow him at our telegram group as well as any of these social media links.

Christopher "Crypto Catcher" McManus

Co-Owner/Public Speaker/Trader & Investor
Certified Blockchain Expert (C.B.E.) 
Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (C.C.E.)

Certified Forex Swing Trader

Certified In Professional Forex Trading

CompTia A+ Preparation Certificate
Christopher McManus is a self-proclaimed public speaker, a Certified Blockchain Expert (C.B.E.), a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (C.C.E.) specializing in to include but not limited to: cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts as well as a designer of a successful Forex trading bot. He loves to speak publicly and has goals of earning his doctorate so that he can be one of the world’s top motivational speakers. He has completed and continues to complete top personal development and life purpose coaching courses so that he can take his past experiences and use them to save the world plus the next generation. Upon the mighty power of God changing his life direction, he has sworn to help others to leave the life of addiction, poverty, bad relationships, personal confidence, and negative attitudes behind. With his constant helping of others, every day and the help of other motivational speakers Christopher is following his true calling in order to travel the world and speak anywhere that people will listen who want to experience the changes in their thinking to help in changing their lives but they must learn to change themselves and their situations. Are you ready for this change whether it be attending his blockchain seminars or attending his self-development seminars? You must make that first step because, without that first step, the change will never happen.

Our Testimonials

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