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My introduction……

Well, here it is. The official kick off of the FXWarlord blog. A place to come over and read about everyday life plus the opinions of others. 100% of everything that I do and will talk about I do read somewhere else so this doesn’t mean that I’m fully right. I research, I google but I am also human so I do make errors as well. 

In order to provide you with the best content and form a relationship with readers now as well as readers in the future, I believe it is best to give people an idea of who I am.

My name is Christopher McManus. I was born in California but grew up in Colorado. My real dad committed suicide in 98′ but my mom remarried even while my dad was still alive. In my eyes, my step dad is my father. We come from a pretty poor family growing up but we are also the tightest family, I’ve ever seen. We’ve definitely been through some tough times together. There are others out there with way less. I have 2 kids, Peyton (12) and Kienen (17) of who one lives with me. The older lives with his mom and new dad so she hasn’t let me speak to him in 12 years at least. I’m thankful for it though because I was toxic for a lot of years to whoever was around in my life. I got married to my best friend, Mikaela, in 2008 but been together since like 2006 (shhhh…. not sure if that’s right. Don’t tell her that). 

I always wanted to be a chef and even went to Johnson & Wales University but I was working a full time job and trying to do schooling, in which eventually it collapsed. During about the past 12 years I have been to about 15 states and lived in 4 of them, sometimes moving back several times. I eventually joined my little brother (Derek) in the oilfields in about 2006 or so and would work those most of my adult life when I wasn’t being an idiot. Of course that life never helped anybody stay 100% on the narrow road but i never submitted to the oilfield life like many have. Tell you the truth, I hate and hated working oilfield but the money is like a giant magnet sucking you back in. I finally have gotten out in 2020 and the worst part is trying to go back to working a low paying job.

I got into stocks, probably about 15 years ago but I didn’t focus on them the way I should of. Of course, like everyone else, I join the stocks with the get rich quick mentality. Eventually I wouldn’t even look at stocks thoroughly again until Covid-19 hit. As the years passed, I always read and studied everything that I could. Always wanted to be a well rounded person who knew a little bit about every subject not just one tracked mind. I have a certificate in Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, Floor Covering, A+ Preparation. I have done accounting, typing, computer repair, construction, as well as many other courses.

In 2015 I found God. Never knew Him nor wanted to know Him for I blamed him for a lot of things in my life. Had a lot of hate before I came to Jesus Christ. Now that I understand God and how he works, I have come to respect him and worship him. 

In January of 2020, I was laid off right about the beginning of Covid-19. I had to do something for my family. With having a background, it’s not easy to find work for me even with all the certificates and awards. People judge books by their covers. Just the way the world works. So I swore that I was going to learn the stocks and get rich quick. As I started learning I read this thing about FOREX. At first I was like what is Forex? So I dove into it head first. Found a school for learning it and enrolled but ended up leaving because it’s way overpriced and plus I met my mentor who would have access to all the stuff that I was paying for. As I went down this rabbit hole, it would eventually lead me to find out about cryptos in which I am loving. The thought of not having to use our already broken monetary system and not paying the fees, it just amazed me. To see the opportunity of possible financial freedom for someone in my income bracket is what keeps me thriving to succeed everyday.

Here is something about me but not everything. Eventually I will have my own book and you’ll be able to read about my experiences through life but I have to save all that for the book.

Remember that my wish for you is peace, prosperity and love. To be the best person you can be without bringing others down with you. Tomorrow, I want to talk about DOGE coin and explain why now my mind is changed to actually start investing in DOGE. I was very against it and really am not gonna go buy 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars worth that’s for sure but what I read makes me think that there is a really good chance that this former joke coin can become an everyday coin. To many people backing it for it to fall. Until then.


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