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FXWarlord Metatrader 4 Indicators (Individual)


FXWarlord is proud to present the long awaited metatrader 4 indicators that we have been working at so hard in making sure they are profitable and without bugs. After thorough testing and endless hours of demo accounts it’s been decided to release these to the public. Presenting you with King MagnetixFX indicator, FXRetrace Warrior and FXLinebreak Warrior. Together these indicators have made an impact on the markets and we feel that we have created indicators for every type of season of trading.

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King MagnetixFX Indicators – The market creates an imperfection when either their is a big announcement or when a session opens like London and their is a surge liquidity in the market. When this imperfection is created it begins to act as a giant magnet that is trying to pull the market back to it. The bigger the imperfection the more of a chance that it will be closed sooner than later. With over 60,000 pips in 2020 King Magnetix will show all those who doubt it.

FXRetrace Warrior Indicators – One of the common characteristics of a trend is the retracement of price before continuing the trend. The FxRetraceWarrior indicators identifies and takes advantage of this so that you can get into the trend at a favorable price point. It does this by using a 9 period EMA and 30 period WMA to determine the trend and then look for a retracement for entry. This is a trend following strategy so do not use this during periods of consolidation or when markets a stuck in a range unless the range is large enough to produce trending conditions.

FXLinebreak Warrior Indicators– Line break charts are based solely on the closing candle price and do not display any price movement that does not create a new line. The purpose of line break charts is to filter out market noise and give a clear indication of the current trend and trend reversals. As you may know, sometimes determining the current trend can be difficult due to market price movement that consolidates, and a trend reversal can be just as difficult.


FXLineBreak Warrior, FXLineBreak Warrior + Live Sessions, FXRetrace Warrior, FXRetrace Warrior + Live Sessions, King MagnetixFX, King MagnetixFX + Live Sessions


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