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Live Trading Sessions w/ Crypto Catcher (2020 – 85k+ pips)


With over 80k+ pips last year (yes you are seeing those numbers right) and with already 8k+ this year, Christopher McManus aka Crypto Catcher is showing the trading industry that he can definitely make a name for himself as well. From trading live accounts to demo accounts to even managing a $500,000 account he has all but started to learn the industry. Retail traders need to watch out because once Crypto Catcher gets to where he’s going… out….

Last year on testing MagnetixFX and another automation Chris had, he showed everyone he knows or that wanted the opportunity to learn from him, knows that Christopher is a successful trader and wants everybody else to be right there with him. He’s not about creating and designing robots so that Frank can program for us to lose money. Crypto is a real trader who takes losses, not big ones but little ones like everyone else does. During this time we are going to discuss MagnetixFX and how to set it up, deploy it and also what to look for when taking profits. We will focus on setting up FXBreakout Warrior  and having that ready to deploy on the London Session. We will also find time to talk about any other indicators and expert advisors that are offered as well as manual setups and trades. This is a must for anyone who doesn’t know trading or for those who know that we want the automation to take out the worst part of trading…..emotions.

Live Sessions

1 Month, 3 Month, 6 months, Individiual


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