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After long travels from a far distant land and many trials, King MagnetixFX is present and he’s going to show why he’s the heir to the throne with over 60k pips last year and is around 180k pips this year so far. He will continue to conquer where we may please but he is offering you to join his movement… Are you going to continue to make those choices that defy the king or will you bow down and allow him to help you conquer pips together and take over…

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King Magnetix and his kingdom are not for the shorter time frames but instead plans to conquer the markets through strategic planning all while beginning to bring you into profits. After noticing the imbalances that the market makes when either big announcements are made or right around London opening is usually a good time for these breakouts to occur. When they do, they create a magnet that depending on the size will tell you how fast the markets will come down to find those imbalances either by touching them or closing them out. What MagnetixFX does is allows us to identify these imbalances, deploy our automation to take trades against the magnet because WE DO KNOW ONE THING ABOUT CANDLESTICK CHARTS, it will always go up, down or sideways. Drawdown will be your enemy but when profits come, you will forget about those times of drawdown. Drawdown means nothing if you are practicing proper risk management. As MagnetixFX stacks those trades is uses a leveling feature which draws the breakeven bar down behind it. That therefore, puts us into profits earlier and longer when market do reverse. Any timeframe, Any pair (Stocks, Indices, Cryptos, Exotics), any meta trader 4 any condition (will have drawdown in slower seasons). With proper equity management and discipline, MagnetixFX will dethrone you and show you why he is the King with over 60k pips last year and is at about 180k pips so far this year.


Indicator + Expert Advisor (1 License), Indicator + Expert Advisor (3 Licenses), Indicator + Expert Advisor + Live Session (1 License), Indicator + Expert Advisor + Live Session (3 Licenses)


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