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FX Retrace Warrior


FXRetrace Warrior is a 2 moving average crossover strategy based off the well known 9/30 strategy. This utilizes the 9 EMA and the 30 WMA (weighted moving average) in which are real good at determining trend direction as well as being quite successful for many traders in the markets.  Excelling in trending markets retrace warrior is a must have indicator and expert advisor that every trader needs in their arsenal.

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FXRetrace Warrior is a two moving average crossover pullback strategy using the 9 period EMA and the 30 weighted moving average which is great for a trending market. This warrior although wise seeks to take advantage of the blank space created between the two moving averages. As we go into the smaller timeframes of this warrior the more price whipsaws your going to experience. Being the type of trend following strategy that seeks to enter the trade on pullbacks. Best time is when we have established a trend. FXRetrace gains strength of the trend can also be measured via the space created between the two moving averages and the angle of the moving averages. Traders should use this method as a pullback trading strategy rather than try to find reversals. Although only able to participate in the pip battle during certain times, the retrace warriors have found themselves to be quite useful in any real traders book bag. We believe that we have highlighted it’s best features and implemented it with inputs to enhance our trading experience.


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