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FX ThreeMA Warrior


This warrior likes to use the three moving averages strategy to find and identify trend direction and then place a trade to put you so that you can catch the trend and be profitable. Coming from various forms of moving average school, FXThreeMA warrior brings a whole army of weapons and very profitable moving averages repertoire. Although at times of planning and consolidation this isn’t the most effective strategy it makes up for it’s shorter trading seasons by big gains and creating successful traders who stack up their pip counts as well as their profits.

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The FxThreeMa Warrior expert advisor allows you to experiment with different moving averages to determine the best settings for any currency pair and timeframe. It does this by letting you configure each moving average and it will get into a trade when the three moving averages are all aligned in the same direction. This is a trend following strategy so do not use this during periods of consolidation or when markets are stuck in a range, unless the range is large enough to produce trending conditions. Some of it’s combinations that work well are the 20, 40, 80 SMA’s on close price. Also the 50, 150, 200 EMA’s on Close price. But as with any strategy you find what works for you and you capitalize on that. Moving averages are a very powerful set of indicators that even the best traders today use them on a regular basis. Watch out because once the candles are caught in the right MA crossing then profitability can be at an all time high with possibilities of bigger profits.

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