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FX LineBreak Warrior


Many hard fought battles have helped to pave the way for King MagnetixFX and it couldn’t have been that way without the help of FXLineBreak Warrior. He’s fierce, he’s clean and he really just gives you a clear idea of whether the bulls or the bears have had control. It’s more of a longer term strategy that he and the King have discussed several times but only works for the right people. Known to take pips in his wake, FXLineBreak is a force to be reckon with and we will soon show you why.

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Ever just wanted to see the end results of the bulls and the bears at the end of each day and really cut out all the noise that happens during the shorter timeframes. Well look no farther for that is exactly what FXLineBreak Warrior brings to the crew. He’s big, he’s bad and he’s in charge. he’s ready to do some major damage to the bulls or the bears depending on who you tell him to attack. He’s well dedicated and has a proven track record in various other forms throughout trading. This is definitely one that when you get the strategy down packed tight and you understand it’s logic, can really help you to never have to look at your charts for longer than a few minutes. He’s particularly useful for identifying the current trend and trend reversals. They can give you a clear indication of current trend and trend reversals. FXLineBreak just might be the one that you thought couldn’t be but actually came and proved everybody wrong…


Indicator + Expert Advisor (1 License), Indicator + Expert Advisor (3 Licenses), Indicator + Expert Advisor + Live Session (1 License), Indicator + Expert Advisor + Live Session (3 Licenses)


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