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Which investment is the right investment? Where can I learn more about the seminar that Crypto Catcher teaches? What if I need more help to be able to set up accounts and have questions that are unanswered? This is the right subscription plan for you. It allows you to have access to our paid slack group where you can get your questions answered, access to updated Youtube videos, plus much, much more…


So many people out there today who are trading and investing without knowing anything about it. With this happening, we are seeing a loss of money like never before. People are losing their hard-earned money because there is nobody there to teach them or help them out. Everyone is out for themselves. I’ve set out to make it my personal journey and obligation to be the guy that everyone can come to if they need help with something. I’m not in this for the money but the gratification that others are earning and making money. The world of trading and investing can open so many more doors in this world for those who choose to want to learn it. Opportunities are coming but once in a lifetime with the discovery of blockchain technology and I don’t want anybody to miss it. That’s the reason why I set up the subscription service is that even after the seminars there is still so much to be learned and taught. I could only fit so much into the allotted timeframe so I figured if I could offer a service to people for a very minimal amount that they could come and continue to get the help and guidance they needed. My dream is to be a motivational speaker and in order to obtain this, I must be able to survive by paying the costs of the school but also to help support my family. What will you be able to have with this subscription?

  • Access to all present and future youtube video content
  • Access to the top stock & crypto picks as well as the resources to be able to find them yourselves.
  • Explanation of how to use cryptos, & blockchain technology
  • How to use our EA’s to help in your trading.
  • Further teaching of blockchain technology as well as more information about the features that it provides.
  • Further teaching of the more in-depth knowledge of what the meetings didn’t contain
  • Access to other members and admin who will help in aiding you when I’m not able to

For a small monthly or yearly fee, you are able to have a safe and knowledgeable place away from scammers and frauds in order to make sure you receive the most up-to-date and accurate information about your questions.  I hope to see you here but will also have a telegram group, discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any of the other social media so you can come and be able to see what I’m working on as well as get some direction to a point. Got to save the more in-depth content for the paying subscription members but together let’s change the trajectory and impact as many lives as we can to help people see money and opportunities that they might never have seen or gotten in any other way.

Thank you for your time and support in helping my dreams come true.
Christopher “Crypto Catcher” McManus

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